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Pilates by Delana offers a contemporary approach to exercise.

Your body is one of a kind and your exercise program should be tailored specifically for you.  

Pilates is about training the individual and all exercises are adapted so that each participant gets the most out of every movement.


I am happy to answer any questions you may have about this unique method and how it can benefit you.

All first time students are requested to take a private session before joining groups.

"I am confident in myself as an instructor and in my classes because of the great feedback I get from my clients.

People tell me that they keep coming to the classes because they work and they’re fun."

Your Instructor


I'm a qualified Comprehensive Pilates Instructor with Balanced Body® and hav been teaching the Pilates method since 2000.


I believe that exercise should be challenging, nurturing, feel good and meet the day to day demands of your life.  It should maintain the body and be an 'investment' in your future.

Comfortable, Inviting, Clean and Welcoming!  An oasis perfect for your practice!

The Pilates Chalet

The Pilates Chalet has two reformers with towers, two spring boards and a full range of small equipment.  The environment is clean and welcoming.  It's a nurturing and quiet space.  Here you can focus on yourself and get the best out of your practice.