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Studio Etiquette



If you arrive early and there is a class finishing up do not interrupt the session in progress.  Keep in mind that arriving late to your session interrupts the flow of the class.  Be on time!


In class:

  • Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in.

  • Phones should be turned off or switched to silent.

  • No chewing gum or food is allowed in the studio.

  • Please do not wear clothing with zippers or rivets that could damage the mats or equipment.

  • Attention to personal hygiene is important for you and your classmates. 

  • Refrain from wearing strong scents (perfumes/deodorants) in the class.

  • Shoes should be removed just inside the door.

  • Clean socks must be worn in the studio/classroom.  

  • Mats and equipment are to be cleaned by participants after each group session.  Spray bottles and cloths are provided for this use.



As soon as the class is finished please gather your belongings and make room for the next student/s.  If you want to chat with your classmates please do so outside so the next class can begin on time.

Terms and Conditions

The Instructor has been teaching Pilates since 2000 and has been certified as a Comprehensive Pilates Instructor by Balanced Body, yet participation in Pilates classes is always at your own risk.



Group Sessions:

Classes are pre-booked online and prepaid. Pre-booking is required, and will be handled on a first come – first served basis. Participation in a class is only confirmed after receipt of payment.  

No refunds will be given for sessions missed by the participants.  Cancellations more than 24 hours in advance can be rescheduled.  Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will not be recuperated.

Occasional changes to class schedules are possible.

Group Class Cancellations:
If a class must be cancelled due to instructor illness etc credits will be awarded to participants signed up for the cancelled session.


Private and Semi-private Sessions:
Classes are pre-booked and prepaid for a specific time. Pre-booking is required, and will be handled on a first come – first served basis. Participation is only confirmed after receipt of payment.  Bookings can be made by e-mail to please clearly state Semi/Private session,  your name, address, telephone number and days/times you would like to have sessions.  I will do my best to arrange a time that suits your schedule.  Once we have agreed on the day and time of your semi/private session you should make payment.
Session Cancellations:
By the participant:  Notification must be made at least 24 hours in advance. No-shows or cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will result in  full charge of the session.
By the instructor:  If a class must be cancelled due to instructor illness or other reasons arrangements will be made for rescheduling of the session.


Bank transfers:

Pilates by Delana

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